Patriote started his life as a breeding stallion.  At age 8 he was gelded and started his competition career with Kimberley.

Patriote was the first Canadian to show at FEI Prix St George's level and paved the way for others of his breed to follow.

Patriote is now Kimberley's foremost mounted archery horse.

Patriote is available for expos and demos, and recently represented the Canadian Horse at their 350th anniversary at Upper Canada Village.

Please contact us if you'd like to see Patriote or XE at your event!

Numbers of registered Canadiens decline each year, and the breed was recently changed from Threatened to Critical.

Click the above link to discover the Livestock Conservatories list of rare breeds

With an established studbook started over 350 years ago, the Canadien is a genetically distinct breed.

Canada was literally built on the backs of this remarkable breed, and we have a lot to be thankful for!

Hardy, Beautiful, Versatile and Athletic, the Canadien is a horse for all disciplines.

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Our Canadiens

Have you ever wanted a horse you could trail ride one day and compete the next, all while looking stunning?  Look no further.

The Canadian Horse excels in all disciplines, from dressage, eventing, combined driving, skijoiring, barrel racing, mounted archery... If you can dream it up, your Canadian can do it. 

Click the above link to discover the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Scociety to see what the Canadien is up to!

There are also several FaceBook groups dedicated to the Canadien and all they have to offer.

XE is a 2010 Canadian gelding.  XE started his life as a breeding stallion for Canadream Farm before coming to us for his performance career to begin.

Beside being Kimberley's up and coming archery mount, XE is also a TV star!  XE made his TV debut starring in the Equestrian Universe TV trailer for Awesome Possum Pony Club.

Watch XE in action below and keep an eye out for this boy at upcoming MA3 competitions!

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