Kimberley Beldam - Head Trainer/Owner

Howdy!  Yikes, that solidifies the "I'm not really a howdy type" thesis I've been floating.... Anyway, here's my bio.  Pretend my web designer wrote it rather than me, it makes the use of third person slightly less awkward.

Born and raised in a tight-knit, Canadian military family, Kimberley learned from an early age to work hard for her horse addiction.

Kimberley has over 30 years in the professional equine field, previously a show jumper, Kimberley then turned her sights on dressage, and has worked on promoting the Canadian Horse at the upper levels.  Kimberley is a USDF Bronze medalist with numerous year end and high score awards, including the distinction of having the first two Cheval Canadiens to compete at FEI levels (FEI Young Horse and Prix St George's).

Kimberley has previously been employed with Canadian Olympic show jumper Ian Millar, Canadian World Cup dressage rider Gary Vander Ploeg and USDF Gold Medal dressage rider Todd Bryan.  She has also showed internationally up to FEI Intermediare I and trained in the US, Canada, Belgium, Holland and Germany.                  

It's all about the Journey (Don't Stop Believin!)

Have you ever been a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?
After working in the dressage world for over 15 years, it was time for a new discipline.  Kimberley has combined her love of horses and archery, and turned her focus on the fairly new (to North America) sport of Mounted Archery. 

Kimberley is currently ranked with IHAA (International Horse Archery Association, and holds the distinction of being the first Canadian to be graded and ranked with IHAA. 

HAUSA club and competition course coming soon to Northern Nock in Cape Vincent, NY - please email if you're interested in being added to our would be members list!

Kimberley Beldam

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Check out our other endeavour!  Preserving heritage breed livestock on our farm in upstate NY!

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I'm also an avid writer, desperate for a publisher - are you a literary agent or head hunter?  Hit me up!  Writing samples and doe-eyed looks of anticipation available.

Available to write scripts for videos, blog posts etc about varied experiences.

Writing samples available yonder

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